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  • Dimensions: 21 x 28.6 x 18.4cm
  • Shade control dial with 7 settings
  • Keep-warm Feature Up To 3 Minutes
  • Frozen Function
  • Bagel & Buns Function

A neat 2-slice toaster that does it all

This curvy little beauty will tick all your boxes when it comes to functionality, style and sturdiness. If you’re looking for a hardworking toaster that will evenly toast anything from crumpets to homemade bread, at the perfect shade, then look no further. You'll have room in the extra-wide slot for even the chunkiest sourdough slice.


Extra wide slots for all your favourite breads

How many times has your toaster come to the rescue when you need to rustle up some easy and satisfying food at home? So a toaster that will happily toast pretty much any kind of bread will help you mix things up and get more creative. 

The extra-wide 3 cm slots means you can throw in all shapes and sizes, from sourdough to hand-cut farmhouse. Just load up with tasty toppings, like avocado and poached eggs, brie and bacon or just good old jam. The automatic self-centring rack in each slot makes sure your bread is toasted evenly, with no annoying burnt bits sending up smoke.


Enough settings for even the pickiest eater

Getting the shade of your toast right is a serious business. The KitchenAid toaster 2 slice has 7 settings to choose from to keep everyone at home happy. Just turn the knob to the right for darker or to the left for lighter browning. So whether you like it just ever-so-slightly toasted, perfectly golden, or dark and crunchy, there’s a setting with your name on. Turning on and off is simple too, with just the push of an electronic button.


No more forgotten toast blues

Toast has popped, but you forgot? We’ve all done it, especially when mornings get a little hectic. So you put it back down and, before you know it, it’s now burnt. 

The keep warm function on this 2-slice toaster means that it will gently keep your toast warm, for up to 3 minutes, if you forget to take it out – a handy feature for busy people! You can still enjoy warm food for breakfast in time for your day. 


Gorgeously toasted bagels like clockwork

Toasting bagels can be a challenge, but with this toaster’s bagel function and extra wide slots you’ll get that satisfying, balanced result every time. When you place inside the bagel with the flat, sliced side facing in, the toaster will cleverly adapt to toast the inside fully, while gently warming the outside to avoid burning. 

Once it’s done, it’ll shut itself off and your bagel will rise up ready for delicious jam or cream cheese. You’ll love the result so much you’ll never go back to toasting them any other way.


Beautiful toast in a flash from frozen

We’ve all woken up to the realisation that we forgot to take something out of the freezer for the next day. With this toaster’s brilliant frozen function, it’s not even an issue. Breakfast won’t be affected, because you can simply defrost and toast frozen bread straight from the freezer.

Press reheat if you completely forgot about your toast and come back a while later. Fans of buns, rolls and croissants can purchase the KitchenAid sandwich rack or bun warmer (sold separately) for gentle heating of baked treats at home.


Feel the strength of the all-metal body construction

Not all toasters are created equal! With its all-metal body, elegant stainless steel panel, and chrome temperature control knob, this toaster exudes quality. It’s stable and built to last, with a removable crumb tray and a neat cord wrap underneath.

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