5 SPEED HAND BLENDER 5KHB2570 Almond cream

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Our 5-speed hand blender is compact yet powerful and always on hand for everyday tasks. You can quickly blend, mix, crush and purée with the stainless steel blending arm, or switch to the whisk when you need to incorporate air into your mixtures. While this hand blender feels nice and solid with its full metal construction, you’ll find it comfortable to hold the soft-grip handle. It gives you precise control, with 5 speeds to choose from and a quiet yet powerful motor to get the results you need. The hand blender comes with a handy 1L BPA-free pitcher with a lid, so you can prep, serve or store in a single container. Enjoy this KitchenAid design that blends style, convenience and durability. An extension of your hands, your imagination, your skill, allowing you the freedom to be creative.


Powerful 5-speed DC motor

Metal body construction with soft grip handle

710 ml BPA-free graduated blending pitcher

Powerful blending in your hand

The handy little blender that makes it easy to create

Built to last and designed for comfort

The full metal body construction is strong and durable. Its soft-grip handle makes it comfortable for you to use.

Stainless steel arm to mix, blend, chop

The removable arm can be swapped with the whisk attachment.

Prep, serve and store in a single container

The 1 L BPA-free graduated pitcher means you don’t have to use different measuring jugs and bowls. You can even store your mixture with the no-splash lid.

Your multitasking mate

There’s always another job to do in the kitchen. With the KitchenAid 5-speed hand blender, you can easily crush, blend and purée ingredients. Swap to the whisk attachment to incorporate air into creams, eggs or batters. Reach for it whenever you need to achieve a different consistency.

Enjoy the easy way

It’s simple to mix ingredients, purée fruit, crush root vegetables or whip cream. Simply use the hand blender with whatever vessel you happen to be cooking with. No fuss and no scratches to your cookware.

Quietly powerful

You’ll quickly get used to the exceptional control that this 5-speed hand blender gives you. Efficient and quiet, you can switch between the speeds to achieve exactly the right consistency for all your culinary creations!

What’s in the box?



Model Name 5KHB2570


Electrical connection rating (W) 180
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Voltage (V) 220-240
Bell Blades Speed RPM (min - max) 6100-11000
Max. rotation speed 11000
Body material All metal
Stainless steel blades Yes
Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 153
Height of the product 397
Width of the product 65
Depth of the product 65
Height of the packed product 346
Width of the packed product 172
Depth of the packed product 270
Gross weight (kg) 1.75
Net weight (kg) 1.365