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  • 2 extra-wide slots
  • Automatic lift & lower operation with keep-warm feature
  • 7 shade settings with LED countdown timer
  • Sandwich rack and function
  • Frozen mode
  • Bagel mode
  • Die-cast metal construction
  • 5-year guarantee
Indulge yourself with our advanced 2-slice toaster

What a way to greet the morning! The KitchenAid Artisan toaster is available in your favourite colours and brings you the versatility and latest automated functions for any breads. Enjoy the process of perfecting your toasting of homemade or craft breads, bagels and toasted sandwiches.


Extra-wide slots and self-centering racks

You won’t burn edges with the roomy slots of this innovative toaster. The extra-wide slots are automatic self-centering for nice, even browning. Whether chunky slices or paninis are your thing, you can get a uniform result on all edges.


Handless, smooth lift & lower automation

What does an ‘automatic toaster’ mean? It means the toaster senses when the bread is inserted and will automatically lower and then lift your bread, toasting to the chosen shade setting. It’s super smooth and satisfying. 

What’s more, this stylish 2-slice toaster will even lower again and gently keep the toast warm in the slot, if you don't take it out within a certain time. A great helping hand for busy people (ie. all of us!)


Choose your perfect shade of golden brown

Pick from 7 shade settings to get toast that’s just the way you like it, whether you like it dark and crunchy or fluffy and gently warmed. The LED countdown shows you how your toast is progressing, so you’ll know when to reach for the butter, cheese, jam, peanut butter or anything else you plan on enjoying with it!

Try out every option until you hit that sweet spot where it’s ideal for your taste. Maybe you even like different shades of golden for different breads? This toaster can do it all.


Café-style toasties whenever you want them

Toasties or croque monsieur are, without doubt, one of the best comfort foods. Whether you start your day with a cheese and tomato toastie, or treat yourself to a chocolate spread toastie after a night out, it never fails to satisfy. With this toaster, you’ll never have to make them manually on the grill again.

A stainless steel sandwich rack is included to make it easy to achieve a neat result. Simply insert your sandwich, with its thinly sliced fillings, and then clasp it shut and put it in the toaster slot. The insulated handle makes it easy to take out your beautifully golden toastie when it’s ready to be enjoyed. There’s minimal mess and the rack can be popped in the dishwasher.


A toaster that gives every bake special treatment

If you love bagels, you’ll know they can be a tricky food to toast. Good thing this toaster has a special bagel function that smartly toasts the sliced side while gently warming the outside. No need to keep a hawk eye on your bagel, just relax and get the cream cheese or jam ready.

Forgotten to take food out of the freezer the night before? We’ve all been there. This smart toaster is able to perfectly toast bread straight from frozen. It gently defrosts it, then toasts it just the way you like it. It will even keep it warm for you if you’re called away when it’s ready.

Panic over.


Impeccable toasting for years to come

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and a fantastic toaster can bring people together. That’s why it’s reassuring to know this sturdy model 5KMT2204 is made from durable die-cast metal that can withstand heavy daily use with ease. It even comes with a 5-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Everything on this toaster feels robust and well thought out. From the removable crumb tray that makes it easy to clean, to the clever cord wrap that stores the cord under the toaster for a neat counter top.


Glorious colours to suit your taste

It’s only appropriate that a toaster, capable of making toast every way you like it, would come in a wide variety of colours that suit your taste as well. Choose the one that suits the colours and themes of your home, or match it to your other KitchenAid appliances. 

Go for an understated neutral colour that underplays its important role on the counter top, or go for a fun and bright colour that invites you to make another toasted snack.

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