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Exactslice System: adjustable slicing disc with first ever external lever, 3 in 1 wide mouth feed tube, uniquely designed sharp blades and 2 optimized speeds

High performance induction motor

Lid and blades with ultratight silicone seal

Set of 3 BPA-Free plastic bowls

Discover the main benefits of the 4L Food Processor

Exactslice system

Adjustable slicing disc with first ever external lever adjusts easily and slices from thick to thin. 3-in-1 ultrawide mouth feed tube fits all sizes of foods for both horizontal and vertical slicing. Uniquely-designed sharp blades and two optimized low and high speeds for precise, accurate slicing for soft or hard foods.

Dicing kit

Transforms all fruit and vegetables into perfect dices

Lid and blades with an ultratight silicone seal

Helps prevent mess, and ensures no leaking or spillages of liquids or flour

Die-cast metal construction

Robust, stable and built to last.

High-performance induction motor

Reliable, powerful and quiet.

Set of 3 BPA-free bowls : 4 L work bowl, 2.4 L prep bowl and 1 L mini-bowl

Process small or large batches quickly.

Storage case

Easy and safe

Discover all the accessories that come with the Food Processor

3-Piece Food Pusher

Three pushers seamlessly fit inside each other for different sizes of food: process a whole potato with the entire feed tube and large food pusher; slice a cucumber with the medium feed tube and pusher. For smaller, finer items as carrots use the small tube and pusher.

Externally Adjustable Slicing Disc

With its micro-serrated blade, this disc allows you to get perfect slices, changing the thickness instantly using the external lever. Choose between 6 different thicknesses (from 1 to 6 mm), without having to remove the blade assembly nor the cover even while the food processor is running!

4 L Work bowl, 2.4 L Prep bowl, 1 L Mini-bowl

Three different-sized work bowls let you conveniently process food uninterrupted. All bowls stack inside one another for easy storage.

Dicing Kit

The kit includes a slicing disc, a 8 mm dicing grid, a lid and a cleaning tool for perfect cubes of fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses for salads, brunoise, ratatouille

Citrus Press

Easily extract juice from fresh citrus fruits

Egg Whip

Quickly whip egg whites for meringues, mousses, soufflés and desserts

3 Discs

The reversible shredding disc allows you to choose between fine or coarse shredding of all types of vegetables and cheeses. 
The Parmesan/Ice shaving disc shaves hard cheeses, ice, and chocolate. 
The French Fry Cutting Disc turns potatoes in French fries and cut strips out of firm fruits and vegetables.

3 blades with ultratight silicone seal to avoid leakage

The Multipurpose Blades are the ideal tools for mincing, chopping, mixing, puréeing. Use the Mini Multipurpose Blade in the Mini-Bowl for small quantities (herbs, nuts, pesto, baby food…) and the Multipurpose Blade in the work bowl for large batches. For added convenience, the 2 blades stay in place while pouring processed food out of the bowl. The Dough Blade will knead all types of yeast dough (bread, pizza, brioche…) 

Unleash your inner creativity and reveal the true chef inside of you


This innovative food processor is ready to help you forget all about using your knife, as it shreds and chops your ingredients with the greatest of ease. It’ll be a zip to make thin and thick slices - at the same time! The work bowl provides ample capacity for large jobs while the KitchenAid’s exclusive externally slicing disc allows you to adjust slicing thickness from thin to thick, without having to remove the blade assembly. It is perfect to prepare fabulous meals in a timely, economic manner, providing the perfect kind of slice for any kind of meal.



Commercial code 5KFP1644BCA
Cookbook Yes


Wattage (W) 650
Motor type DC (Direct Current)
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. rotation speed 1600
Min. rotation speed 700
Body material Die-cast
Height of the product 457
Width of the product 304
Depth of the product 248
Height of the packed product 500
Width of the packed product 360
Depth of the packed product 565
Net weight (kg) 14.66
Gross weight (kg) 16.68
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