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BORA Basic 


A trademark of your kitchen

This all-rounder is the perfect combination of a powerful cooktop and highly effective cooktop extractor: for bigger, more attractive cooking zones, quieter operation, easier cleaning and optimum interior design – with the added advantage of great space-saving options for smaller kitchens. Our promise: even smaller kitchens can reach professional standards. A compact design for every kitchen.


Oversized cooking area

Thanks to the central operating panel and the optimum arrangement of the cooking zones, BORA Basic offers room to cook with 4 large pots measuring up to 24cm at the same time. Particularly large surface induction cooking zones guarantee that even large pots or roasters are fully and consistently heated through.

Minimum volume

Thanks to the optimum airflow through the appliance and the use of a twin fan system, BORA Basic is extremely quiet even on high power levels. No distractions while you’re cooking and your conversations are undisturbed.

Simple cleaning

Parts that come into direct contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the easily accessible, round air inlet opening for cleaning in the dishwasher. As the components take up very little space, there is still plenty of room for your pots and pans.

Maximum storage space

Thanks to the low height of the appliance and the integrated recirculation filter unit, there is still maximum storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below. It is no longer necessary to shorten drawers and no storage space is lost thanks to the ducts used in recirculation mode.

Compact size

Thanks to its compact dimensions, BORA Basic fits in practically any kitchen, however small, and as there is no extractor hood, there is room for additional wall units. 

Free choice of cooktops

With BORA the choice is yours. Alongside two induction models, BORA Basic is also available as an electric cooktop with conventional radiant heating elements. This means that customers will always find a suitable product at BORA.  

Automatic extractor control

The extractor power level is automatically adjusted based on the current cooking behaviour. This gives you more time to cook as constant manual adjustment of the extractor controls is no longer necessary.

Variable heat retention function

On the BORA Basic surface induction model you can choose from 3 heat retention levels with different temperature levels depending on how or what you are cooking. This means that you can keep your food warm at an optimum, constant temperature without any danger of burning it.