DEHUMIDIFIER Wood’s SW38FW -Made in Sweden

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SW38FW A robust dehumidifier that dehumidifies the basement or garage while drying the laundry.

Specification - SW38FW SW has a unique filter system, SMF antifouling filter, manufactured in Sweden. The filter catches harmful mold spores, dust and other particles that can be released for example when you wash laundry. In addition, the filter protects the dehumidifier from dust and that is why Wood’s can now provide extended total warranty up to 6 years on your dehumidifier! All you need to do is register your dehumidifier and replace the air filter once a year. Register your dehumidifier at 6 years warranty Optimal for the basement Removes excess moisture and bad odor. Gives you a significant heat pump power (more energy than in)! Effective air purification. I-EcoDefrost, intelligent defrosting patent pend.  Automatic defrosting and mold protection! • • • • • • • • • • Advantages: Made in Sweden Local suppliers Recyclable steel Reliable long service life Low energy consumption New environmentally friendly refrigerant Intelligent defrosting i-EcoDefrost system ECO-FRIENDLY * Technical changes and improvements may occur. All values are approximate and may vary depending on external circumstances such as temperature, ventilation and humidity. MADE IN SWEDEN MADE IN SWEDEN Wood’s is one of the most popular dehumidifier and it has been awarded Best in Test in independent tests! Thanks to its operational reliability and superior capacity, more than 500,000 households have kept mold and moisture damage away. This dehumidifier product has been further developed and is part of the new SW program. Developed and manufactured in Sweden with new intelligent defrosting system, delivering faster and better defrosting and energy efficiency. Made of recyclable steel. Max. working area 140 m² Recommended area 10 - 84 m² Airflow Step 1 190 m³/h Airflow Step 2 336 m³/h Capacity at 20ºC & 70% RH 11 litres/day Capacity at 30ºC & 80% RH 19 litres/day Power at 20ºC & 70% RH 320 W Power at 30ºC & 80% RH 425 W Working interval +2 to +35ºC Tank volume 11,4 litres Fan speeds 2 Dimmensions (mm) 495x345x527 Weight 21,5 kg Sound level 37 - 56 dB Cooling media, freon free R290 IP Rating IPX1 EAN code 7332857500413

SW38FW A robust dehumidifier that dehumidifies the basement or garage while drying the laundry.

SW is a powerful dehumidifier that dehumidifies the entire basement! SW has a very good dehumidification capacity down to + 2 ° C and up to + 35 ° C. SW has a new intelligent defrosting system, i-EcoDefrost, developed and manufactured in Sweden, provides faster and better defrosting and operation, the machine becomes even more efficient, dehumidifies faster and more energy efficiently. SW gives you an effective heat pump effect and cleans the air at the same time. SW has a hose connection for direct drainage to the drain, but also a spacious water tank of 11.4 liters. SW is equipped with robust wheels, making it easy to move.

  • Fits most spaces but especially suitable for basements
  • Up to 140 sqm
  • i-EcoDefrost, intelligent defrosting system
  • Recyclable chassi
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • 11,4 l water tank and hose connection
  • Effective antifouling filter
  • Robust wheels
  • Up to 6 years warranty
  • Low energy consumption
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