Dometic C35F Compressor wine cooler, single-zone, freestanding, 35 bottles

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Dometic wine coolers provide the perfect conditions for wine storage and make an attractive addition to any home, restaurant or hotel bar. The well-engineered heating and cooling technology ensures that the chosen temperature is quickly achieved and reliably maintained. While an effective air circulation system creates a perfect climate for the wine to unfold its full bouquet and flavor. The sleek design of the Classic range of Dometic wine coolers can easily fit any space and provide optimal storage for your precious wines.

This single-zone wine cooler creates the perfect climate for storing and ageing wine. It has room for 35 Bordeaux bottles, attractively presented behind a 3-layer, UV-resistant glass door and softly illuminated with a white interior light. A beautiful addition to any home, restaurant or hotel bar – suitable for freestanding use.

Product Highlights

Store and age wine
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Store and age wine

Provide the perfect climatic conditions for wine storage and ageing

UV protection
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UV protection

Triple pane glass door protects wine from damaging ultra-violet light

Coated wine racks
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Coated wine racks

Six coated racks are shaped to securely cradle each wine bottle

Single temperature zone
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Single temperature zone

Single-zone wine cooler stores wines at temperatures between 5 °C and 22 °C

Sleek design

Control settings conveniently and neatly integrated into the door

Soft illumination

White LED light softly illuminates the black interior and showcases the bottles inside


Powerful, efficient compressor cooling technology maintains specific temperature between 5 °C and 22 °C

Fits up to 35 Bordeaux bottles on 6 shelves and bottom basket

Stylish triple pane glass door with stainless steel details

Control settings conveniently located on the door, which includes space-saving built-in handle

White LED light softly illuminates and showcases bottles inside

Suitable for free-standing installation

Integrated air circulation system for homogenous temperature distribution

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