FAN INVENTOR with Quiet Operation and 7.5-Hour Timer FAN040

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Fan with Quiet Operation and 7.5-Hour Timer!

  • Enjoy the dewiness with the lowest noise level thanks to the Quiet Operation of the appliance
  • Ensure carefree moments of relaxation with the Sleep Mode
  • Save energy and schedule the operation of the device with precision thanks to the 7.5-Hour Timer
  • Ensure excellent performance due to the 100% Copper Silent Motor

Select the Quiet Operation and ensure the fan operation of the lowest noise level, while enjoying the dewiness that it offers, relieved from unpleasant sounds.

Choose the Sleep Mode of the appliance, which will operate in low speed for 30’ and then in Quiet Operation automatically, while shutting down the majority of the indications, offering a much more comfortable sleep time.

You can easily and precisely schedule the duration of the initiation and termination of the fan operation, avoiding its purposeless function and save energy. At the same time you can avoid accidents especially if you have a pet at home.

The 100% copper material of the motor lengthens the lifeline of the appliance ensuring maximum performance and a much more carefree and silent operation if compared with the compatible aluminum motors.

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