HITACHI French Bottom Freezer 4 Door 514L RWB640VRU0-1GMG

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French Bottom Freezer
4 Door


Fresh Vegetables with Organised Storage

Separate Vegetable Compartment

For long-lasting freshness, each of the cases maintains the moisture of the food at the optimum level of approx. 90%* with indirect cooling. And the completely separate compartments are always full of clean air with no transferred odours thanks to the Triple Power Filter.

* Tested by Hitachi. Differs depending on the amount and type of vegetables.

Optimal Storage

Select Case (Dry Food - Vegetable)

Select based on your storage needs.
Ideal for preserving dry food or vegetables.

Breakthrough Energy Saving

VIP – Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology

VIP is a thin panel with a very fine glass fibre vacuum inside, giving an extremely high heat insulation performance - much higher than that of Urethane, a conventional insulation material. It prevents external heat from escaping to achieve exceptional energy savings. Cooling retention is 15 hours, with the highest heat insulation performance during power cut.

* Images are for illustrative purposes only. Tested by Hitachi. Comparative tests done with Hitachi’s complete lineup.

Clean Ice Automatically Made for You

Ice cubes can be made automatically and continuously simple by filling the tank with water. When you want to make your ice quickly, switch the Quick Freezing mode ON which can make the ice approx. 24%* faster.

* Tested by Hitachi. Comparison between Quick Freezing mode ON and OFF.

Quick Cooling

When you want to cool quickly and powerfully, switch the Quick Cooling mode ON which cools approx. 29%* faster.

* Tested by Hitachi. Comparison between Quick Cooling mode ON and OFF.

Big yet Easy to Use

The often-used refrigerator compartment is positioned at the top for easy use and offers a wide field of vision. Even with a lot of food stored, with the neat storage compartment, a glance is all you need to see everything, so it’s easy to put in and take out items.

Tech Spec

Series French Bottom Freezer
Door 4 Door
Type Full No Frost
Energy Class E
Gross Capacity (L) Total: 638
Refrigerator: 395
Freezer: 243
Selectable Zone (in freezer): 121
Net Capacity (L) Total: 514
Refrigerator: 363
Freezer: 151
Selectable Zone (in freezer): 73
Dimensions (mm) Width : 900
Height : 1840
Depth: 720
Weight (Kg) 116
Consumption (kWh/year) 330
INVERTER x Dual Fan Cooling
Refrigerator Compartment Vacuum Compartment with LED Light (6L)
Selectable Zone
Select Case (Veg-Dry)
Separate Vegetable Compartment
Water Tank with Filter
Utility Case
LED Lighting
Tempered Glass Shelves
Quick Cooling
Egg Tray (28)
Door Pocket
Freezer Compartment Automatic Ice Maker
Quick Freezing
Slide Tray
General Features Inverter Control
Dual Fan Cooling
VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)
Dual Sensing Control (with Eco Thermo-Sensor)
Touch Screen Controller
Powerful Deodorization (Triple Power Filter)
Common Features Refrigerant R-600a / CFC-Free / HFC-Free / Mouldproof Door Gasket
Colour Glass Black (GBK) / Glass Mauve Gray (GMG)
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this website.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this website.
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