Inventor 9000btu Premium AC series with Ionizer, HEPA Filter & A+++ Energy Class!

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  • Ionizer for an ultimately clean atmosphere in your place
  • HEPA Sterilization Filter for a drastic reduction of allergies and disease
  • A+++ Energy Class for excellent performance with a smaller functional cost
  • Wi-Fi management for ultimate comfort from anywhere you are
  • Hotel Menu function for energy savings that can reach up to 70%
  • Golden Fin for maximum protection of the units against corrosive elements

The Ionizer ensures in a natural and effective way, the removal of malicious floating particles, such as germs, bacteria, viruses, smoke, dust, odors etc., and offers supreme cleanliness air that inspires a sense of freshness and reliefs you of the disturbing consequences of a poor quality atmosphere, indoors.

Removes even the smallest amount of dust from the air. It eliminates germs while reduces the chance of allergies and diseases, providing healthy pure air.

The technological superiority of the series guarantees excellent performances with the lowest operating costs. Take advantage of the highest energy class A+++ of Inventor air conditioners and create the perfect atmosphere exactly as you dream. At the same time save money while also taking care of the energy footprint by choosing an air conditioner with lower energy consumption.

Manage the operation of your air conditioner easily from wherever you are, with your Smartphone or Tablet. Free download the application via Google Play & App Store, depending on the series you have and achieve optimal temperature conditions with great energy savings.

Inventor air conditioners present the innovative air-conditioning unit management "HOTEL MENU". The HOTEL MENU is a set of features specifically designed to help better and more economical operation of air conditioners installed in hotel units.

The ultimate protection of the air conditioner, especially at areas with high humidity levels and increased corrosive possibility, such as islands and coastal areas, can now be achieved. The golden, anticorrosive coating of the outdoor unit’s refrigerant, protects against salty air, rain and other corrosive elements, ensuring the effective performance of the air conditioner and the extension of its lifeline. The golden coating of the indoor unit refrigerant, thanks to its antibacterial action, allows you to enjoy a perfectly clean and healthy atmosphere!

  • PR1VI32-09WFC/PR1VO32-09B
  • Cooling Capacity9.000 Btu / h
  • Noise Level Indoor Unit (Silent / Low / Med / Hi)21/25/32/38.5 db(A)
  • Cooling Capacity Range(0.91-3.40) kWatt
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