Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25LBS Dehumidifier-Air Purifier 25L/Day, 2-year warranty

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  • 25L/day moisture removal, most convenient for larger spaces. Autonomous air purifier function, for a clean environment without a trace of dust
  • Air quality indicator, for immediate diagnosis of your air, with a HEPA filter for virus and bacteria free areas.
  • New R290 ecological refrigerant (95grams) that has a very low global warming effect and zero ozone depletion potential.
  • 3L Water Tank with window and a full water indicator protection system.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Dehumidifier & Air Purifier. Enjoy the benefits of 2 appliances in one!

  • Autonomous air purifier operation for a clean, dust-free environment
  • Air quality indicator, for a direct diagnosis of the atmosphere status in your place
  • HEPA filter for impeccable air quality in your placed relieved from viruses and bacteria
  • Swing louver for a uniform air distribution and effective results
  • 25/35 litres per day dehumidifying capacity for excellent performance
       Double benefits from the use of one appliance!

Thanks to the advanced double operation of the device you can obtain the most ideal conditions in your place, reducing humidity levels and creating a clean and healthy atmosphere free of dust and bacteria.

Enjoy a healthy environment free of dust, allergens, viruses, germs e.t.c. The HEPA filter of the appliance restrains a big part of the small particles and offers you a clean atmosphere in your place.

The luminous indicator and the digital display offers a direct and reliable diagnosis of the air quality in your place in order for you to be in control any time you wish.

Removes even the smallest amount of dust from the air, reduces germs and therefore allergies and viruses and creates a clean atmosphere in your place.

You can now enforce the uniform air distribution and easily improve the air quality in your place. Thanks to the swing louver function, the movement of the louver is activated, and the air is equally distributed in every part of the room, offering fast results and additional comfort.

Maximum air quality is achieved in a simple and direct way, with the 3 air purifier speeds. Choose one of the three available speed -low, medium, high – depending on the needs of the place and obtain a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

With dehumidification capacity that can reach up to 25 litres/day with the use of HEPA filter or 35 litres/day without the use of HEPA filter, the dehumidifier & air purifier fully adjusts to the needs of your place in order to remove every trace of humidity and offer you healthy & fresh air.

Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

Product information

Size: Atmosphere 25L (R290)
Technical Details
Brand Inventor
Item Weight 15.8 Kg
Product Dimensions 36 x 26.5 x 56.9 cm
Capacity 25 litres
Special Features ✅Automatic Shutoff, ✅3 Litres water tank capacity, ✅Both Dehumidifier and Air Purifier in one, ✅Timer, ✅HEPA filter, ✅Auto Restart
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