Inventor Premium 30 Dehumidifier 30L

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Drying Ability: 30L/24h 

Noise Level: 43 dB

For areas up to: 165 m2

Power: 370 W

Ioniser: Feature

Inventor PR1-ION30L Premium 30 Dehumidifier with 30L dehumidifying capability, Air Ionizer, clothes drying mode and smart dehumidification! Premium dehumidifier is the absolute solution to banish humidity for good!


Ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere in your room with the integrated air Ionizer and eliminate dust, bacteria, tobacco and other unpleasant odors.

With Premium dehumidifier, you can dry your clothes during periods of high humidity levels and rain by activating the economical “Clothes drying” mode.

Save energy with the smart dehumidification mode and act quickly and effectively with the Turbo mode to deal with the most demanding conditions of humidity.


Airflow: 220-190 m3/ h 
Operating temperature: 5-35oC
Capacity: 4.7 L 
Dryer operation
Operation with compressor 
Washable Dust Filter 
Speeds: 3
Area Humidity indication
Automatic restart after emptying the container & power cut 
Weight: 15.5 Kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 400 × 254 × 562 mm 

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