INVENTOR SUPREME 18000BTU Series with Ultraviolet Technology Type C & Ionizer, A +++, Hotel Menu, Wi-Fi & Golden Fin!

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  • Effective protection against germs, bacteria and viruses thanks to the Ultraviolet Type C Technology and Ionizer
  • Energy saving and excellent performance with the maximum A+++ Energy Class
  • Absolute comfort in setting up wherever you are thanks to smart Wi-Fi remote control
  • Hotel Menu function for energy savings of up to 70%
  • Golden Fin for maximum protection of units in corrosive elements

Maximize the best air quality, free from bacteria and germs, with the Ultraviolet Type C & Ionizer Technology. The Ultraviolet Type C technology provides higher air quality by neutralizing microorganisms. The UV-C LED lamp emits ultraviolet light from 265 to 275nm wavelength. Thus, it can effectively remove 99.998% the virus SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for Covid-19), 91.47% the virus Influenza A H3N2 (responsible for the common cold), and 92.78% the bacteria Staphylococcus albus. The Ionizer improves the air quality removing airborne particles such as germs, bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke, dust and odors, etc., in a natural and effective way. * According to the tests performed at Texcell’s laboratories, it deactivates 99.998% of the virus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) of the coronavirus group after 1 hour of operation in a 45L space.

The technological superiority of the series guarantees excellent performances with the lowest operating costs. Take advantage of the highest energy class A+++ of Inventor air conditioners and create the perfect atmosphere exactly as you dream. At the same time save money while also taking care of the energy footprint by choosing an air conditioner with lower energy consumption.

Manage the operation of your air conditioner easily from wherever you are, with your Smartphone or Tablet. Free download the application via Google Play & App Store, depending on the series you have and achieve optimal temperature conditions with great energy savings.

Inventor air conditioners present the innovative air-conditioning unit management "HOTEL MENU". The HOTEL MENU is a set of features specifically designed to help better and more economical operation of air conditioners installed in hotel units.

The ultimate protection of the air conditioner, especially at areas with high humidity levels and increased corrosive possibility, such as islands and coastal areas, can now be achieved. The golden, anticorrosive coating of the outdoor unit’s refrigerant, protects against salty air, rain and other corrosive elements, ensuring the effective performance of the air conditioner and the extension of its lifeline. The golden coating of the indoor unit refrigerant, thanks to its antibacterial action, allows you to enjoy a perfectly clean and healthy atmosphere!

Triple Action Filter with Vitamin C, Silver Ion and Cold Catalyst protects your skin and improves the air

Triple Action Filter

Removes even the smallest amount of dust from the air. It eliminates germs while reduces the chance of allergies and diseases, providing healthy pure air.

Sterilization HEPA Filter

It eliminates unwanted moisture in the indoor unit during cooling mode operation. After turning off the air conditioner, the indoor unit’s fan will keep running for a while in order to dry the indoor unit.

Powerful Self-Cleaning

The renewed design creates uniform air distribution in all dimensions. The vent swings not only move horizontally but vertically as well dispersing the air smoothly even in the most difficult spots.

4 Way Air Flow

A smart sensor is located on the remote control. When the Follow Me function is activated the set temperature synchronizes with the smart sensor. Your set temperature will follow you wherever you and the remote go, offering extra comfort and energy savings.

Follow Me

Activate the Ultra Silence Mode and enjoy an absolute feeling of pure silence in your room.

Ultra Silence Mode

Prevent potential weather damages in places that are not heated and pose risks during the winter. Enable the 8°C function and the air conditioner only heats the room as needed while maintaining a stable room temperature of 8°C.

8°C Heating

Centralized (for up to 64 indoor units), front desk, touch pad wired controller, wifi and many others.

Central Control
  • SUVI-18WFI/ SUVO-18
  • Cooling Capacity18.000 (6.200-20.900) Btu / h
  • Cooling Capacity5.28 (1.82-6.13) kWatt
  • Heating Capacity19.000 (4.700-23.000) Btu / h

  • Heating Capacity5.57 (1.38-6.74) kWatt
  • Seasonal Efficiency
    (In accordance to ΕΝ14.825)
  • Cooling
  • Pdesign5.2 kW
  • Energy ClassA++
  • SEER7.1
  • Energy Consumption256 kWh / year
  • HeatingMiddle Zone
  • Pdesign4.1 kW
  • Energy ClassA+
  • SCOP4.0
  • Energy Consumption1.435 kWh / year
  • HeatingWarm Zone
  • Pdesign4.2 kW
  • Energy ClassA+++
  • SCOP5.1
  • Energy Consumption1.153 kWh / year
  • Voltage / Frequency / Phase220 - 240 / 50 / 1 V / Hz / Ph
  • Current Input Cooling6.9(0.6-10.3) Α
  • Current Input Heating6.4(0.9-10.5) Α
  • Power Input Cooling1.54 (0.14-2.36) kW
  • Power Input Heating1.48 (0.20-2.41) kW
  • Air Flow Volume
    840/680/540 m³ / h
  • Noise Level Indoor Unit (Silent / Low / Med / Hi)25/30/37/44 db(A)
  • Sound Power Level Outdoor Unit56 db(A)
  • Sound Power Level Indoor Unit55 db(A)
  • Sound Power Level Outdoor Unit61 db(A)
  • Dehumidifying Volume2.0 L/h
  • Dehumidifying Volume48.0 L/day
  • Compressor TypeROTARY
  • Liquid Line / Gas Line1 / 4” / 1 / 2”
  • Power Supply Wire Outdoor3 × 2.5 / 16 No x mm² / A
  • Signal Wires5 × 1.5 No x mm²
  • Dimensions
    Indoor Unit
    957x213x302 mm
  • Dimensions
    Outdoor Unit
    800x333x554 mm
  • Net Weight Indoor / Outdoor9.5/37.8 kg
  • Refrigerant / ChargeR32/1.000 g
  • Operation Temperature Range Outdoor Unit Cooling-15~50 °C
  • Operation Temperature Range Outdoor Unit Heating-15~30 °
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