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Compact, highly versatile 2.1 L food processor to help busy cooks do more.

Julienne, chop, slice, purée, shred or knead

Go for the wow factor with the food processor that helps you elevate your meal-making. And, because it’s KitchenAid, it’s beautifully ergonomic and easy to use too. Cut herbs, slice tomatoes, mix a pasta sauce, knead bread, shave chocolate or make a gratin.


2.1 L bowl gives you room to do more

While this food processor may be more compact than some of its KitchenAid cousins, it’s still packed with accessories to take you way beyond chopping and slicing. From gorgeous guacamole to a perfect pastry, this food processor has the capacity and power to make experimenting a joy.


Lift recipes to the next level

Take the hard work out of prep and cooking, and experiment with confidence. Get ready to transform ingredients into exciting creations. A precise food processor saves you hours of whipping, chopping, stirring, slicing, grating, puréeing and whisking. Turn cream into homemade butter in minutes with the whisk accessory, or use the dough blade to make your very own artisan bread.


The fine art of julienne

With the julienne disc, you can create perfectly even matchstick cuts for deli-style coleslaw or a stir fry. Julienne cut is often used for salad ingredients like cucumbers and peppers, or for creating a uniform size for a creamy vegetable gratin. You can even julienne apples. Give it a go!


Cleverly designed with you in mind

The user-friendly Snap & Go bowl and latched lid mean that you’re all ready to go with this food processor. Just select your preferred speed, High or Low, or just press Pulse to get started. The easy-press buttons and illuminated LED controls make it user-friendly.


Process all sorts of ingredients with precision, whether you’re slicing, dicing, julienne cutting, whipping or kneading. And, when you’re done, we’ve even included a handy lid for storing your creations safely in the fridge until you need them.



Easy to make your meals shine

It’s easier than you think to include healthy and raw foods in your day. With this food processor in your life, you can quickly rustle up all sorts of tasty and healthy treats at home –  and not just salads! 


Fresh sauces, dips, salsas, tarts and veggie chili are all within your grasp. Just throw in your favourite vegetables and let your food pro do the work. Use the drizzle feature to gradually add liquid ingredients for zingy dressings and liven up meals.

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