Magimix Extractor Juice Expert 3 MULTIFUNCTION

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Magimix - Extractor Juice Expert 3 MULTIFUNCTION 


Juice Expert 3

Magimix is the Multifunction Juice Expert!
Day after day, the Juice Expert Magimix combines the best of nature with the best technology to reconcile health and pleasure.
EXTRACTOR Juice Expert 3 MULTIFUNCTION 3 Functions:
- Extra Press XL New Magimix patented invention for cold extraction from soft and cooked fruits, vegetables, juices, nectars or sauces.
- Filter sieve XL designed to cold extract the best of fruit and vegetables with soda pulp (apples, carrots) and green vegetables. Magimix patent.
- Citrus juicer for a fresh and quick citrus juice without seeds. 2 cones. Pulp System for a juice without pulp.

- EXTRA PRESS XL hot and cold creamy juices and smoothies Maximum yield 96%
- FILTER SETACCIO XL pure and clear juices Large capacity steel basket, basket with removable collar and
- SPREMIAGRUMI with covering arm + 2 Pulp System citrus cones with or without pulp

Cold Press Cold Extraction: respect for nutrients
Professional speed
HOPPER X L 90 x 75 mm
Extraction of the juice directly into the glass
EASY CLEANING dishwasher safe
Cleaning spatula 1

Motor power 400 W
Ultra-quiet professional motor
Engine warranty 30 years
DIMENSIONS H415 x L214 x P183 mm
WEIGHT 7,5 kg