Rowenta RR8227 X-PLORER Series 45 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Central Brush | Random Navigation | Control via App | Voice Control | 150 Minute Running Time | Up to 90 m² Living Area | White

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Brand Rowenta
Colour White
Controller type Google-Assi, IOS, Androide, Amazonas Alexa
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion
Are batteries included Yes
  • Safe & Easy Random Navigation: Automatic navigation system with an intelligent combination of infrared, shock and fall sensors to avoid obstacles and prevent falling off
  • Efficient cleaning performance: equipped with a turbo brush, an active motorised middle brush to absorb even large dust particles
  • Total networking: a free own app (iOS and Android) compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant
  • Secure data protection: 100% of consumer data is stored in EU data centers for a robot vacuum that promises complete privacy and privacy compliance
  • High-performance battery: thanks to the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, the robot can clean up to 90 square metres in one pass; for an autonomy of up to 150 minutes

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 45 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Combining reliable technology with highly efficient cleaning performance, the Rowenta X-Plorer Series 45 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient cleaning solution that covers your entire home with total ease. This automatic vacuum cleaner that vacuums everywhere, combines advanced sensors to prevent collisions and accidents with a 3-in-1 cleaning action: two side brushes for corners and hard-to-reach places, a turbo brush for thorough cleaning of hair and fluff and a reliable motor for high suction power . Plus, it comes equipped with three navigation modes - Auto, Auto Express, and Wall-Follow - to clean even complex areas, remove dust along walls and baseboards, and more. The powerful lithium-ion battery offers an impressive autonomy of up to 150 minutes.Finally, this robot vacuum cleaner is very intuitive and easy to use: once connected to the app, you can easily plan and personalize your cleaning, wherever and whenever you want. It's even compatible with voice assistants!

Experience the sheer convenience of an automatic cleaning session

  • Safe and easy navigation: Automatic navigation system with a smart combination of infrared, bumper and fall sensors to avoid obstacles and prevent the robot from falling down. 
  • Efficient Cleaning Performance: Equipped with a turbo brush, a motorized central brush, to clean up larger dust and dirt. 
  • Total connectivity and security: A free app (iOS and Android) compatible with voice control systems such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, with data fully protected and stored in Europe.
  • Cleaning on all floors: This robot vacuum cleaner can also clean on carpets and rugs that are up to 15 mm high.
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Product Brand ROWENTA
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