SAMSUNG RB50DG602ES9EF Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer - Inox

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SAMSUNG RB50DG602ES9EF Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer - Inox

  • Energy Class: E

  • Total Capacity: 538lt

  • Net Refrigerator Capacity: 370 lt

  • Net Freezer Capacity: 168 lt

  • Noise Level: 35 dBA


Samsung Refrigerator RB53DG703EB1EF with SmartThings AI Energy Mode & Metal Cooling, 538 L

Refrigerator RB50DG602ES9EF by Samsung, with a net capacity of 508Lt and All Around Cooling technology, which evenly distributes the cooling inside for the ideal “storage” of the load!

Stunning harmonious and elegant designModern and elegant design

Give your home an incredibly stylish look. The standard 600mm depth will align perfectly with your cabinets. It features beautiful flat doors and a flat back. The minimalist interior has a concealed screen, a flat wine rack, food containers and grey coloured compartments*.

Keeps food fresh for a long time
All-Around Cooling System

The All-Around Cooling system cools the entire refrigerator evenly. It continuously controls the temperature and distributes the cool air through strategically placed vents. This keeps food at the right temperature and keeps it fresh for a long time.

More space in the same external dimensions
SpaceMax™ technology

Store more food in an extra-large 538-litre fridge with a standard 711 mm deep design that will seamlessly align with your cupboards. The high performance insulation of SpaceMax™ technology makes the walls much thinner. This creates more storage space without protruding from your work surface.

An end to ice accumulation
No Frost

Keep food fresh without freezing. No Frost technology maintains a constant, appropriate temperature at every angle, preventing ice build-up. It prevents ice from forming on foods, such as vegetables, so they stay fresh. And it prevents the need to defrost your refrigerator.

Quick cooling or freezing, as you wish
Power Cool (Quick Cool) / PowerFreeze (Quick Freeze)

Enjoy fast cooling performance. At the touch of a button, Power Cool distributes strong cold air inside the fridge to rapidly cool your vegetables or your favourite drinks. On the other hand, Power Freeze distributes very strong cold air into the freezer. It is suitable for freezing or stabilizing frozen food and creating ice.

Smart energy use & long life
Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy smart energy use and long-term performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently changes the power and automatically adjusts the speed according to cooling requirements. This ensures the temperature is appropriate and efficient, with low noise levels and a 21-year* certification backed by a 20-year warranty** (limited to the compressor only).


The door opens harmoniously towards the wall
Flat door

Place your fridge wherever you want, without walls getting in the way. The Flushed Door design allows you to open the door 90° without the edge hitting the wall*. So you can place it in the location that suits you and the door opens normally without the wall blocking it.

Store neatly and serve smaller items easily
Multi Tray

Make good use of your fridge space.The detachable Multi Tray* drawer fits under the shelves and allows you to store and organise small items such as bottles and containers, as well as food and ingredients such as pizza and egg cases.It’s easy to remove so you can serve them anywhere.

Flexibly adapts to tall and large containers
Folding shelf 2 movements

Store large and bulky items efficiently and minimise wasted fridge space. A 2-motion folding shelf slides in and out so you can store tall bottles and containers; it can easily fold in half to make room for large and bulky items.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Energy Class: E
Total Capacity: 508lt
Net Refrigerator Capacity: 340 lt
Net Freezer Capacity: 168 lt
Noise Level: 35 dBA
Energy consumption: 300 kWh/year
Climate class: SN/T/ST/T
Coolant: R600a
Hours of autonomy (Temperature rise): 14 hours

General Specifications

Open door notice
Cooling Type: All Around Cooling makes the cooling cycle more effective and efficient, resulting in maintaining a constant temperature in each shelf & drawer
No Frost
Wi-Fi (SmartThings): With built-in Wi-Fi, the refrigerator can connect to the home network and the user can manage key functions remotely
AI Energy function: the user can have significant energy savings
Optimal Fresh+: drawer with ideal temperature for proper preservation of meat, fish and chicken
Power Cool & Power Freeze function: fast cooling capability in preservation and freezing
Digital Inverter Compressor: The refrigerator's inverter motor can adjust its speed to 7 different operating levels
Reversible door
SpaceMax™ Technology
Door handle: Recessed
Easy to clean, durable and protective back panel
Modern and elegant design

Refrigerator Compartment

4 x Shelves made of reinforced glass
5 x Door Cases
1 x Egg case
2 x Drawer for fruits and vegetables
Upper BoxOptimal Fresh +
Lower Boxlarge drawer for fruit/vegetables
Interior lighting: LED top
Quick cooling function

Freezer Compartment

2 x Drawers
1 x Sliding shelf
Twist type ice maker
Quick cooling function



Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (HxWxD): 192 x 75.9 x 71.1 cm
Weight: 91 kg

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