SHARP 16L Dehumidifier

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SHARP 16L Dehumidifier

  • 16L per day capacity

  • Easy to Use

  • Clean Design

  • 3.8L Water tank

  • Castors

  • Auto Restart Function

  • Humidity display

16L DEHUMIDIFIER with digital control panel

Colour and Size

Compact unit with sleek white finish. This unit will suit all sized rooms and not look out of place.

Control System

Simple control panel with white LED display with icons for easy viewing and understanding. Light push required for the control buttons.


Dehumidification helps with allergies; Many allergens and allergy triggers, such as dust mites, mold and mildew, favour humid environments. Also improves home comfort; Homes with proper humidity levels are generally more comfortable, which can be especially noticeable in warm and humid climates. The indoor air quality is usually improved, and the air stays cooler when a dehumidifier is in use.


The swinging louver enables dry air to be spread evenly to all areas of your room. Ensuring thorough dehumidification of the effected area.


A fan is used to draw damp air into the dehumidifier where is it directed onto a cold surface called the evaporator. Water will condensate on the evaporator surface and drop down into the water tank. The now cooled air is then directed through a condenser where it is warmed before exiting through the exhaust vent.


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