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Made in Germany Non- stick coating
for easy cleaning
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Die-cast aluminum
sheets with anti-stick coating Grill surface: 2 x 37 x 23 cm
surface for steaks Smooth surface for sausages
Adjustable thermostat
Self-regulating 3D hinge
– Gratinating – Barbecue
grills Locking on the handle
Cord winding
Temperature indicator light
Includes 2 drip trays for roasting liquid

This PG2.0 connector grille has a black non-stick coated cabinet.

The grill surface is equipped with reversible cast iron non-stick plates, which on one side have a grilled grill surface and a flat plate for sausages on the other side.

The grill can be used as a standard grill, “cook au gratin” where the lid is adjusted to the food, as a BBQ grill where the lid folds up completely, allowing you to grille the entire surface at one time as well as a large waffle iron by reversing the plates.

The thermostat is set to 250G.

The cast iron plates can be easily removed for easy and optimal cleaning after use.

Excess grease and oil are transported from the plate in the extreme corner and can be caught in the two supplied drip pans, thus ensuring low fat cooking.

Price €215.00
Product Brand BOMANN
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